1. All clients will be deemed to have accepted the 'Tails of Northwich' Terms and Conditions as laid out hereafter upon signature of the said Terms & Conditions

2. 'Tails of Northwich' will not confirm any booking until a consultation has been carried out with the client and the booking form, with full details of client requirements, has been signed by the client.

3. Full payment for services, agreed at the time of booking, is to be made by the first day of the service via cash or Bank Transfer if it is for a one off service. After the first week we can then go onto payments made at the start of each week.

4. The client must provide all items necessary for pets to be adequately cared for in the client’s absence, ie, food, leads, tags and collars, harnesses, cat litter, etc. Should pets require any additional supplies whilst in the care of 'Tails of Northwich', these will be purchased and added to the invoice. All dogs and cats MUST have an identity tag attached to their collar with owners name and address, and be micro chipped.

5. The client must provide 'Tails of Northwich' with the name and contact number of someone capable of making a responsible decision relating to the pet(s) in case of emergency. If the contact is not available 'Tails of Northwich' reserves the right to consult with a veterinary surgeon and then make a decision which is in the best interests of the animal. This will only be done as a last resort after multiple attempts to contact with the client cannot be made.

6. The client is responsible for any veterinary bills, no matter how they are incurred, whilst pets are in the care of 'Tails of Northwich'.

7. 'Tails of Northwich' must be alerted to any behavioral or psychological problems with their pets at the time of booking. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of any future booking.

8. 'Tails of Northwich' will care for your animal to the best of our ability, and whilst we will make every effort to ensure your pet is well looked after in your absence, 'Tails of Northwich' cannot be held liable for any loss, injury or death to a pet either inside or outside of the home whilst in our care. Nor can we be held liable for injury or death to another pet or human, caused either directly or indirectly by your pet, whilst your pet is in our care.

9. No responsibility will be taken by 'Tails of Northwich' for any theft or damage to property whilst a pet is in our care.

10. For any cancellations of bookings, 'Tails of Northwich' would appreciate 24 hours notice, If cancelled before 7.30am on the day no charges will be made. If after 7.30am then I'm afraid you will still be charged the full rate. This doesn't apply for bank holidays, Christmas and new year bookings. For these 1 weeks notice is required.

11. All dogs being exercised must be fully vaccinated and on a regular flea and worm control regime.

12. All dogs being exercised will undergo a trial period to ensure they are adequately trained and socialized.

13. 'Tails of Northwich' reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time and with immediate effect if the dog does not respond well to the walker and/or other dogs.

14. All dogs will be exercised on a lead at all times, unless prior agreement has been reached with 'Tails of Northwich' and a Disclaimer Form has been signed.

15. 'Tails of Northwich' reserves the right to apply personal judgement and cut short a walk due to extreme weather conditions (ie, heat, thunder storms, blizzard, etc.) for the safety of both the dogs and the walkers.

16. Where permission is given to photograph your pet/s, we reserve the right to publish them on the 'Tails of Northwich' website and/or our Facebook page. All photographs are copyright protected.

17. Where appropriate, and at the discretion of 'Tails of Northwich' , dogs may be walked in a group of no more than 3. Only suitable dogs will be walked together in this way.



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